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American Alex Edelman Wins Best Newcomer Award at Edinburgh Fringe | Splitsider

Guys, I’ve had a bit of a good summer. This sums it up a little. Also did an interview and I’ll put that up in a bit, but this has been what went on.

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shadesofsassy asked
Hey man! I think you're absolutely hilarious! I was wondering if you were performing in London anytime soon? I would loooove to see you live! Also, do you have any tips for an aspiring stand up comedienne? :)

I’m performing in London pretty regularly and I tweet pretty regularly. This is the next date, in Hammersmith on July 13th.

Also: keep writing and getting onstage!

Hari Kondabolu and Alex Edelman in Conversation

I did this interview with harikondabolu for believermag and it turned out sensationally, I think.



When two comedians have their first really long conversation—usually after hours, in the back room of a comedy club—there’s this kind of pleasant squaring-off. The pair sort of kick their frames of references into alignment, marking out likes and dislikes, talking shop. You circle, and size each other up. It’s like wrestling but very gentle.

Hari Kondabolu is a comedian and former organizer genuinely interested in the stuff he talks about onstage: baseball, music, family, social justice. Which was why I decided I wanted to sit down with him and my Windows phone and his iPhone in Brooklyn last May. Our afternoon begins with our getting lost in Park Slope on the way to a meal—Were you following me? never follow me—and continues over omelettes. We skip some things: Kondabolu’s time spent as writer and correspondent on both seasons of the recently cancelled FXX show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, for instance, and we spend as little time as possible talking about race, a subject that has come up in “literally every interview [he’s] done” about his new album, Waiting for 2042. We don’t talk much about the album either.

—Alex Edelman


HARI KONDABOLU: It should be noted that I’m Hari Kondabolu and I’m using my iPhone to record the interview.

ALEX EDELMAN:It should be noted that I’m Alex Edelman. I’m using my Windows Phone to record this interview. We have competing recordings.

HK: Is this print?

AE: This is print. Some unlucky intern will have to sift through this recording and bang it out. [1]

HK: Is it a paid intern?

AE: I hope it’s a paid intern. I would never do unpaid internships. That’s tantamount to slavery.

HK: It’s not tantamount to slavery.

AE: Well, “slavery” is a broad word.

HK: It’s not a broad word. It’s very narrowly defined. Internships are some kind of upper-middle class slavery. Which isn’t slavery at all.

AE: Well, then this is the end of the interview, I guess. Me offending you.


AE: I’ve run into you in auspicious places.

HK: Where did we meet?

AE: We did Morgan Venticinque’s show together.He had this show in a basement and there was a beam directly in front of your face and every performer mentioned it.There was a loud group in the corner—

HK: Did I yell at them?

AE: You did yell, but you were in the right. I remember thinking This is a guy who knows what his comedy is worth.

HK: I hope I finished that set and then stormed out.

AE: Ugh, why? There’s no glory in that.

HK: Every now and then you find a little bit of magic when you’re forced to adjust your material to the room, and some gold comes out of it. There’s a difference between offense and defense, to use a sports analogy. That’s defense, to get something out of a tough room. When a crowd loves you, that’s offense. When you have a good crowd, you can push further a little bit because they’re with you for the easiest parts. When you’re on defense, you might not get to any part of the joke, but being pushed against makes you force yourself to push back. And pushing back makes you come up with stuff.

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I did this with Alfie Brown. It’s called “Comedians on Buses Getting Tap Water” and it’s really good and well shot and really funny.

I had an amazing time doing this awesome podcast. You ALL should listen to it.


September 12-18, 1992.

Fall Preview Alert!

In this fast paced episode Ken and Alex discuss growing up as an Orthodox Jew, Ken’s lack of sports love and knowledge, Alex’s super power of remembering the line ups of every single episode of “Comic Strip Live” based solely on the date aired, the Red State Blu State Divide, Blossom, Rocky IV, Seinfeld, More Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show, Tom Rhodes’ hair styles, Baseball, what exactly a “Met” is, and the network’s support of failing genius.

How much do you love “True Detective”? Do you love it enough to see it mashed up with “Family Circus”? Well, do you?

How much do you love “True Detective”? Do you love it enough to see it mashed up with “Family Circus”? Well, do you?

Simon Amstell - The Wilbur

I’ll be opening this show for this very smart British human male.

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Bro, do you even lift?

Only snacks. To my mouth.

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Guys, I did this story, which starts about 18:30 into the podcast, about a soldier I met at an airport and what he told me. I’m proud of it and think you’d like listening.